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Newest thingies that have come up to my mind or have done in art trades, requests, or collabs!

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello everyone! I'm Crisskitty! I'm 17 years old. I like to spend my free time in creating traditional and mostly digital drawings. I also do Flash animations, not usually but every once in a while I have a funny idea I will work in ;) I've been lately doing 3D animations, but I'd rather stay with flash...

It's been a great journey being almost 4 years here on DA. The first 2 years I only uploaded like 3 pictures, and when I started posting more, I couldn't draw at all Well, anyways, there are a lot of people that helped up with their tutorials, thanks out there!

Thanks for everyone who has helped me out (especially my watchers!) , either with faves, beautiful comments, or simply views!

I'm a Sonic fan, my fave game is Sonic Generations, and Sonic Adventure 2. I do mostly Sonic Artwork, but sometimes I'd do anything else, including Pokemon and Angry Birds.




Thank you! Have a nice day!


Holiday Card
Merry Christmas Everyone!

I've never made anything too good for Christmas... so here ya go!
If your display is slow, may be because the video is (maybe) at 60fps.

If you want to see an HD version of it, go here:…

I was going to upload this video way earlier, but I had some problems converting it to SWF. I made it in Flash, but I added some special effects in After Effects, and I couldn't do the SWF DX

Programs used:
Adobe Animate CC
Adobe After Effects CS6

Hehe, couldn't resist this scene XD
I really like Infinite, Sega's OC XDDD

Made in:
Paint Tool SAI

<Download for full Res >>
Cream's size?!
Oh my! First time drawing Cream!!! YAY!!! Cheerleader :excited: Joy :shuffelin: FILL THE VOID 
Requested by an anonymous user as a tribute to 
:iconzack113: It's a scene from a fanfic that was written for him a while ago.

<Chapter >>…

Here's the fragment this is based on! 

Cream was slowly inching upwards, frozen in shock that her size was increasing all over again, not nearly as fast as she had been earlier, but she had already gained an extra two inches and she was still getting bigger. “Why am I growing?!” Now she could reach where she was supposed to hang her clothes, so she quickly did that and closed her eyes. “Stop, stop growing!” She stopped. She blinked an eye open and felt the feeling go away, she had stopped growing almost immediately, but she had gained an extra 3 inches, making her about Tails size again.

“Chao chao chao?”

“I don’t know Cheese, I said I wanted to be bigger and suddenly I started growing again…” her eyes widened, and she thought for a moment before looking at Cheese determinedly. “Bigger!” She started growing again. “Stop!” She stopped. “Cheese!” A big smile spread across her face, “I think I can grow all by myself whenever I want!”

“Chao chao chao, chao?”

Cream pressed a finger against her chin, “I don’t know Cheese, let me try!” She looked down at herself and then went over to her bedroom wall where a measuring poster was posted. She saw where she’d last been measured and tried to focus on that mark. “Smaller!” She felt herself start to shrink, and she kept shrinking until she met that mark and then she stopped. “I’m back to normal!”

Suddenly Vanilla walked into the room, and she looked over the room before smiling down at her daughter. “I wanted to see how you were doing in here, looks like you’re making progress!”

“Yes Mommy!”

The older rabbit nodded, “Well then, I’ll let you get back to cleaning. Remember, I want it cleaned, not everything stuffed into the closet!”

“I know!” Cream waited until her mother closed the door and walked away, and then she grinned and looked to the top of the poster. It was at least 3 feet away and she wanted to test something. “I want to be bigger!” She started stretching upwards again, and she watched as the mark she’d just shrunk down to was left behind by her growth. “Bigger!” She grew faster, now 3 feet and 6 inches and still growing. “Bigger, BIGGER!” Her growth increased even more, and soon she was at the top of the poster and then some. She grinned as her ears touched the ceiling and giggled as they started to get a little smushed. “I’m getting bigger!” She sang as she sat down and enjoyed her growth. Now that she was sitting she had a little more room to grow, but it was quickly getting taken up by her ever-bigger form. “Ok stop!” She stopped again. Her ears were pressed against the ceiling again, she must’ve been at least 20 feet tall she guessed, but she didn’t know for sure. “I have control over the growth!” She closed her eyes and focused on shrinking, and within minutes she was back to normal.

“Chao chao!”

“I know Cheese!” She grinned, “I think tomorrow I’m going to surprise Tails! I can’t wait!”

Made in: Paint Tool SAI

<Download for full Res >>

ME ,CREAM Dancing Cream Emoticon 2 Kawaii Cream 

Infinite Unmasked
I truly love this amazing Jackal!!!
Read the Sonic Forces Online Comic, it has great graphics and backstory!!!

Made in: 
Paint Tool SAI

<Download for full Res >>
Awww yeahhh an update to my DA page!!!!
Forces story seems insteresting to me. Still Silver seems like a bit too unexploited here....
This is about that little fight Silver and Infinite have :)

Made in:
Paint Tool SAI

<Download for full Res >>


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